How creating a recording studio was a dream come true

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I hadn't even thought about it as a possibility. I was recording my album in a professional studio, and everything had to be done there, right? Otherwise it wouldn't sound good. Or so I thought.

Then, a recording engineer friend of mine said to me, " Hey, why don't you buy an ADAT and do your synth tracks at home?" So I spent a little under $2000 on the ADAT 8 track digital recorder, a few hundred more on some good and hooked them up to a mixer I already owned. After I finished working on the first song, I felt as if I had been set free in a candy store. Home recording studio equipment became a passion and my ticket to musical freedom.

I ended up saving lots of money and getting the performances I wanted. No more looking at a clock to see how large my debt was growing. I could do it over and over again until it was what I wanted. I even took some of the finished tracks from the studio and redid backing vocals where I felt they were weak.

Now, the recording erquipment technology has left the ADAT way behind, and the price for that technology has become extremely affordable. Here are some fantastic home recording studio equipment set ups that you can be using in just a couple of days. The modern world of home recording is truly a songwriter's dream come true.

These home recording studio equipment packages are convenient full setups. They have been preselected to give you everything that you need for a hardware based recording set up. Below them you can find the more detailed guide to creating a home recording studio.

Home Recording Studio Packages

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Packages include a microphone, audio interface and the software needed to record. They save you time and money.