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With probably a million or more independent musicians out there, each clamoring for attention, you'd think that music promotion is a lost cause. Well, if you go by the odds, that's true. But there are powerful ways to CHANGE THE ODDS. Sign up on the right for the 20 free videos to find out what they are.

I have an extensive background in music, but have been working the last seven years as the producer and director of a musical theater company. In this work, I've gotten lots of great insight into selling tickets, promoting events, getting press coverage as well as the technical aspects of live music production. I believe that music and art are huge forces for the good, and need to be kept vibrant and strong in our societies. I wrote this site to help musicians and performing arts folk keep growing, glowing and going strong.

Are you ready to get your music out there so the world can hear it? Well even if you're not, do it anyway! Now is the time to get started. You can always go back and tweak stuff later, and that's a lot easier to do. Sign yourself up for the 20 free videos that will do more than inform you. They will give you the resources to challenge yourself and get your music career going strong. Go get 'em!

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