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If you are like me, you are a songwriter or musician who feels that they have the talent and material to go A LOT farther. You are damn proud of your music, and are more than ready to have it recorded, played, performed and purchased. And you may not be connected enough, or have a lot of money to throw at it. I'm with ya.

Part of that path lies in getting it ready for presentation. So much can be done at home nowadays. Our home recording studio equipment guide shows you how to get set up to make quality recordings on your own time. To buy recording equipment at the best comparison prices, check out our Amazon powered Home Recording Equipment Online Shopping Center to help you find the best gear at the lowest prices. There are also discount musical instruments and coupons. And I've also discovered some fantastic resources to be promoted in a big way for small bucks.

Home Recording Studio Equipment

Buy top home recording equipment for your music studio. Get your multitrack recorder, microphones, keyboard workstations and more. The Music Zone Recording Equipment Catalog is backed by the best suppliers on the web, including Guitar Center, Amazon and more.

Music Arranging and Recording Guides

Get the information in step by step fashion for home recording, arranging, assembling your recording studio, preparing a album, reading music piano,  singing and Making a YouTube Viral Video song.

Success Stories to Learn From

How to do it? How to record at home, go viral, get a record deal and make lots of money doing what you love? First of all, you've got to be really good. And then you've got to, well, maybe do it the way someone else did before you. How did he do it: Justin Vernon and Bon Iver.

Recording Artist and Musicians Resources

Let the world love your music. Get it onto radio, iTunes, into the hands of producers and record companies. Don't be shy, keep pushing until you are pulled to success. Resources for tools for creation, and resources for downloading and listening to music online.

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