Step by Step Music Success

The Music Zone Guides: Home Recording, Music Arranging, Creating a Home Studio, Singing, Promotion and More

Today's technology has put professional music recording into your hands. You can create a home recording studio, record our own albums at a quality that once was only possible in the top studios, and market and promote it from home.

The key to success in music is planning. It's about making a step-by-step recipe for achieving specific goals. These guides, and this site, are here to help you succeed.

Create a Home Recording Studio

This plan will show exactly what you need to record music at home. Guides and products for your hardware setup, software options, types of microphones, virtual instruments, composition software and more.

How to arrange a song

Properly arranging a song is not a matter of pot studio luck. It's a skill, and here is the plan to develope that skill.

How to record your song at home

Do this, then this, then this. When you record your music in the right sequence, you will get not only the best sound, but even your performance will soar.

Learn how to read music, play piano, guitar and promote concerts

Master the skills of a successful musical career and a lifetime of enjoyment.

How to Make a Music YouTube Viral Video, cheap

To make a music video that goes viral on YouTube, gets tons of hits and makes you an Internet sensation overnight, you need to have four basic things. Here's how to get started.

How to sing

Beyond the obvious thing you must do to really achieve excellence, take voice lessons, is a whole world of techniques to make your vocal performance very powerful. This plan guides you through the principles of meaningful singing.

How to Record Your Album

Ready for the big time? It's not enough to record a great album. This plan recognizes the crucial role that pre-planning plays in making your CD hit the charts.

Success Stories. How did he make it so big?

Learn from people who actually recorded at home and hit pay dirt.

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