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12. Action: Review and perfect your song arrangement.

Ingredients: All the materials you've prepared, including the roadmap, counterpoints, song layout.

Explanation: After everything is ready, make sure it's really ready. More often than not, you will discover brilliant additions or subtractions for your song arrangement. It is so important to listen to what you have done, now that the pressure is really off, and get those creative juices flowing once more. It may be that your song arrangement is perfect as is, and it may be that you'll hear something you never heard before that will make it that much better.

Asking questions and not being afraid to face up to imperfections are important skills here. As you listen, stop the playbeack at any moment that you feel something is a little forced. Music arranging requires a smooth flow from one section to the other. Have someone else listen with you, and notice if, at any point, YOU feel embarassed, or at least a little uncomfortable with something. Then ask your supporter what they think of that section.

Result: Your song arrangement is even better.


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