Previous 13. Print or write the arrangement you just wrote.

14. Action: Perfect your lead vocals and interpretation.

Ingredients: The song arrangement you have just written, your feel for the song.

Explanation: I include this step as part of arranging because it is the fulfillment of everything you have just done.

The main point of a song arrangement is to tell a story, and the way you perform your musical arrangement will either make it or break it. This practice that you will do is actually arranging your lead vocal. In all areas, there is much more than just the notes and the words. The difference between a good performance and a great one lies in the honesty and humanity of the performer. I urge you to see my eBook on Singing Excellence for a whole program on how to sing a song.

The absolute best thing you can do is to have some feedback from a person you respect as an artist. Good luck.

Result: Your lead vocals complete the musical arrangement of your song! The next step is to record it.


The next plan in the series is to Record Your Song At Home



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