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9. Action: Begin your music mixing by creating a rough premix.

Ingredients: The recorded tracks, a mixer, or the mixing function of your software, a model song.

Explanation: Choose a favorite recording which has the sound you are looking for. The model song is a song with similar instrumentation, and a similar feel to the song you have recorded. You will base your mix on the soundscape created in that model song. It will be your benchmark.

Play your model song. Then, get all of your recorded tracks playing. The goal is to work fast and not spend too much time on this basic mix. It's only to give you an idea as to what your final mix will sound like.

A good operating principle in music mixing is to organize on paper where each band member would be if they were on a stage. Then, pan your tracks accordingly, keeping the lead vocal, bass and bass drum centered. If you have other artistic ideas, of course follow them.

Next, adjust the levels of each track so that they sound relatively even, with the lead vocal slightly forward. Finally, put one type of standard reverberation on the main tracks to create an idea of space. That's all for now.

Result: You have a general idea of the mix.

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