1. Action: Record your own song arrangement in MIDI.

Ingredients: Your musical arrangement, song roadmap and layouts, chord charts. Mutitrack recorder, or software, audio interface with midi.

Explanation: In today's home studio set up, an integrated MIDI/audio multitrack sequencer program or hardware device is where most of your recording work will be done.

The first thing you want to do is set up your blueprint for the recording. You will record MIDI tracks to form the basis of your arrangement. Take time on this to make sure that it follows the song layout precisely. Now you will decide on the tempo of the song, and you'll put in any tempo changes, slowdowns (ritardando) and so forth. You could simply use a metronome, but recording a MIDI guide file offers so much more.

Together with a basic rhythm track, you should record your main accompanying instrument. This may be the piano or the guitar, or what ever instrument gives you both a strong chord backing and rhythmic backing. Remember that musicians and singers will need to know when to start playing and singing.

Make sure you give them a lead in measure so they'll know precisely when to start. If your vocalists began singing at the beginning of the song, make sure you give them a measure of chords so they'll be able to sing in the proper key.

Result: You have created the blueprint to record your own song.

Next 2. Record a scratch vocal.



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