Previous 1. Record a basic arrangement in MIDI.

2. Action: Recording vocals for a guide.

Ingredients: The MIDI demo arrangement that you just recorded, a microphone.

Explanation: This is important to give the musicians a strong feel for the song.

Record the vocal for the song ... in one take! You're not aiming at a final performance here, just a guide. Sing on pitch, in the phrasing you expect to use (as much as possible). Even more, tried to give as much feeling as you can here, so that the musicians can understand that energy and put it into their performances.

Don't obssess about this track, even though it's tempting to. You can review this track later when you are ready to begin recording vocals in earnest, to learn what needs to be improved, retained or adjusted.

Result: You are ready to begin recording the tracks.

Next 3. Record drums and bass.



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