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14. Action: Tweak and redo, if necessary.

Ingredients: Patience, your mix, your model song, your equipment.

Explanation: The best recording techniques are incomplete with out tweaking at the end. Tweaking is what will make your mix professional. Not only does your voice get tired if you sing too much, your ears get tired if you concentrate too much. After you've done your first mix, take a break. If you can wait for another day, even better. When you come back to your mix, you will be fresh.

Listen to your model song again. Then, immediately, listen to your mix. You will notice right away whether you have to fix something are not. If they sound like they can be played one after the other on the radio, you've done a good job and you are ready to make the master. Otherwise, you should have only small adjustments to make to get your song ready.

Result: Your mix is complete, you know you can record your own song well. You feel good.

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