Get a Professional Graphic Design You Can Be Proud OfNeed professional graphics quickly and inexpensively?

Your music requires professional design graphic promos, logos, flyers and a website. Amateur, even if it's really nice, is still amateur, and it will block your music career. A professional presentation is crucial to launch your music career.

Sign up, set your budget, post the job, and THEN see what happens!

  1. MycroBurst - Name your own price! Complete your project in only 1 week. Get creative designs from over 40,000 designers. Get at least 30 concepts or your money back. Fanatical customer support.
  2. Design Crowd - Crowdsourcing Graphic Design.

Starting within a day you will get preview offers from 100 or more designers, vying for your project! I am so impressed by the concept that I am presenting their service in great depth here.

  • Your graphics will be professional and polished. Exactly what you want.
  • You will have a professional look to be proud of.
  • You select the designer and the style of your design graphic.
  • You will be satisfied with what you are getting, and have veto power if it is not to your standards.
  • This is pretty much guarantees your satisfaction. Add the 100% money back guarantee option, and you know you ll get what you need.

A sample design. This one cost around $225.

Save $65 on your Design Project! Offer includes FREE Booster Pack (Save $55) and reduced posting fee (Save $10). Offer code: JUNE65OFF

Do you feel your graphic design is an advantage for your music promotion?

I always felt my music was better than a LOT of stuff out there, but for some reason it always was met with luke-cold responses. I realized that it was largely the presentation. I did not have good album graphics, and my promos were heavy, boring. Then I became aware of a friend on Facebook who posted some videos of his songs. It blew me away (the video, that is, not really the songs). This guy, although not a strong songwriter and not a great singer, had invested in videos that were MTV worthy.

And you know what? He soon got them on MTV. Lesson learned, gotta look super professional to really have a chance to hit it big. Gotta look like you BELONG there.

Are These Good Deals Financially?

Design Crowd budgets start at $150 (hiring a designer can cost many times as much. For an average hourly rate of $70/hour, a full graphic can go into the thousands). On this service, expect to pay half or less. And you will get the professional graphic you need to make you lots more money.


Contests start at:

  • Logo/Monogram Design – $199.00
    Business Card and Stationery - $99.00
    Web site Template Design – $350.00
    Blog Template Design - $250.00
    Marketing Materials – $250.00
    Banner Ads – $250.00
    Other - $150.00

In addition, there is a 20% fee. This includes all listing and processing fees.

The beauty of this system is that you can see the quality of the work first, and can choose whether you want to make your offer refundable or committed. If you see that the offers you are getting aren't good enough, only then may you consider raising your bid, or making the current bid committed. In either case, it will still come out less than going to an agency or private designer.

My Cousin Does Graphic Design

If your cousin does this professionally, awesome. Otherwise, it is your music and career. Would you trust them with the job if they were not your family? I would recommend making a bid on Design Crowd and MycroBurst, comparing it to your cousin s work. Keep your options open, as it is your career on the line here.

I fully recommend that you make a move to put your professional image on solid footing with graphics to be proud of.  Click through to Design Crowd and MycroBurst and have a bid up in less than 5 minutes. You will receive the first proposals within one day, and can choose a 3 - 10 day deadline for all entries. You can have this all done in a very short time!

SAVE 30% on Graphic Design Project fees on DesignCrowd. Use Offer Code A30OFF

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