Music Services to Move You Forward

Your music requires professional design graphic promos, logos, flyers and a website. Amateur, even if it's really nice, is still amateur, and it will block your music career. A professional presentation is crucial to launch your music career.

Sign up, set your budget, post the job, and THEN see what happens!

  1. Fiverr - This platform has taken the world by storm. I use it frequently, and, although there are some providers who are not reliable, most are.Go for the one with the highest and most ratings.
  • Your graphics will be professional and polished. Exactly what you want.
  • You will have a professional look to be proud of.
  • You select the designer and the style of your design graphic.
  • You will be satisfied with what you are getting, and have veto power if it is not to your standards.
  • This is pretty much guarantees your satisfaction. Add the 100% money back guarantee option, and you know you ll get what you need.

Do you feel your graphic design is an advantage for your music promotion?

I always felt my music was better than a LOT of stuff out there, but for some reason it always was met with luke-cold responses. I realized that it was largely the presentation. I did not have good album graphics, and my promos were heavy, boring. Then I became aware of a friend on Facebook who posted some videos of his songs. It blew me away (the video, that is, not really the songs). This guy, although not a strong songwriter and not a great singer, had invested in videos that were MTV worthy.

And you know what? He soon got them on MTV. Lesson learned, gotta look super professional to really have a chance to hit it big. Gotta look like you BELONG there.

Are These Good Deals Financially?

Fiverr - you choose the gig, based on proce and seller. Many people there charge a basic rate for "foot in the door" reasons. They want your next job, and that will be a more normal market price. That's cool, and if they do good work, you should go that route.

My Cousin Does Graphic Design

If your cousin does this professionally, awesome. Otherwise, it is your music and career. Would you trust them with the job if they were not your family?