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If you're like me, you need to listen to music. Whether it be researching material, or just taking a badly needed musical escape, you want it right there on your computer. And in many cases, you'll want to take it with you as well.

These services are in two main flavors. The first model is the online library which you access through the provider's software. That's Rhapsody and Napster. The second flavor is to download and keep offline. That's eMusic and iTunes.

Rhapsody, eMusic and Napster offer free trials to get used to their music downloading and streaming services. I urge you to check them out:

Download 50 FREE songs at!

Emusic MP3 Downloads (actually, the trial is currently 50 as of this writing)

This is a different animal. The subscription allows you to download directly a set number of mp3s per month. These tracks are yours to keep, burn and listen to however and whenever you wish. The cost somes to far less per track than iTunes or the other services.

eMusic offers a free month trial subscription with, as of this writing, 50 downloads. Sometimes it's 25. Either way, in exchange for taking the trial (again, with credit card taken but not charged), you get this music to keep.

I've used eMusic, and while their library is more limited than Rhapsody and the other's, it is still a very useful service. I have many tracks from the few months I had my subscription. I'm thinking of renewing soon.

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Real Networks Pop

Real Rhapsody Unlimited Music Subscription

Rhapsody’s unRadio -- features range from unlimited skips and no ads to the ability to save your favorite songs and listen to them at any time, even without a connection. Try unRadio if free for 14 days, cancel anytime.

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Apple iTunes

iTunes by Apple - Music and Movie Downloads

The simplest service, you just pay for the track and download it to your iPod. Of course, you can listen on computer too. And now movies and TV shows are available for purchase.

This service comes with the iTunes Player. There is no free trial, as of this writing.

Click here to get iTunes

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