Multitrack Sequencing and Production

Full recording studio software. These programs are music production workstations, and the heart of a computer based home recording studio.

Audio Editor Software

Specialized programs to edit mp3, wave and other audio files. Cut, paste, add effects and more.

Virtual Instruments and Samples

The amazing instrument sounds you use with your multitrack production software.

Music Notation Programs

Create and print a clear musical score. These programs make musical notation from MIDI data to create sheet music.

Music Transposer Program Software

How to transpose music and export chords from an audio file, with a program focused on performing musicians. A music transposer program that excels.

Slow Music Down Program Software

How can you slow music down without changing the key, with software? It's easy, and here is the audio-slow-downer program.

Wave to Midi Conversion

Special utilities to convert recorded music (mp3, wave) into MIDI, so you can change it or create sheet music scores from it.

Audio Mastering Software

After the song is recorded and mixed, these programs give it a studio polish, with compression, EQ, effects and more.

Musical Accompaniment and Grooves

Software programs to create backing tracks. They use loops, or generate music based on styles and chords.