Music Biz Instruction

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You want to sing, and you know you can do it so much better than you do now. Now you've decided no more underachieving. It's time to learn how to sing a song that MEANS SOMETHING.

This step by step action plan is here to help you become a true performer, an artist at telling powerful stories through beautiful vocal performance. Please follow this plan step by step. Have patience, it takes YEARS to really get to the top levels of singing. Nonetheless, you can achieve great and satisfying things in a shorter time than you think.

Let me stress here, though, that having a qualified voice teacher is an essential thing. I've put some basic types of vocal exercises in the first section to give you an idea of how the very sensitive instrument we possess can be developed. You can follow them, and they will get you started on the path, but that's all. They are not a substitute for proper training.

So here is the synopsis of the two aspects of performance: vocal technique and interpretation.

Learn How To Sing 1: Singing Vocal Technique.

This page discusses the basics of breathing, mouth formation, throat, vowel and consonant production and tension issues. Here you will get started in learning the physical aspects of singing.

Learn How To Sing 2: Song Interpretation

This page provides the steps that will have you using your vocal technique to tell a story with each song. When someone just makes nice sounds, it's " Ahright, just ahright." But when the sounds obviously mean something to the singer, that's when the magic happens.

So there's the intro, now let's get to work. It's time to

Learn Singing Vocal Technique