Recording Your Album

You are a band, singer and/or songwriter. You know how to write music. You want to record your own CD . Excellent!You are prepared to invest a certain amount of money, time, and heart. You may be prepared to make some big mistakes. I did. You are excited about the big successes you will have. I was also. And there were some. So now, after two albums, I wish to share with you what I've learned about this magical experience of recording your own CD.

I will assume that you want to do this as efficiently and economically as possible. So here, you step by step form, is an action plan showing how to get it done. It's pathway to seeing your dream come true. I can't promise you success, because it doesn't depend upon me. It's up to you. I've just given you a guide so that you can take yourself to achieve your dream. Feel free to adapt as you see fit, but whatever you do, make sure that you have specific tasks that lead you directly to the fulfillment of your goal. The secret is to keep going, and by breaking it into smaller tasks, you can do it enthusiastically. Here are the headlines, follow the links for details and suggestions. Enjoy, succeed!

Phase 1: Charting the course.

Here you will do what so many fail to do. Plan what you're going to do with the finished product, and let that affect how you will produce the product. You want this to succeed, so give it every chance.

Phase 2: Preparing for the recording.

Before you go into the studio, there's a lot of homework. Everything from arranging to practicing to who's who in the studio and pre-recording materials is here.

Phase 3: Doing it.

The nitty gritty about the actual recording process, including suggested sequence of recording, how to use the recording times for promotional purposes as well and how to get the most bang (pun intended) for your buck.

Phase 4: Fulfillment.

Here's the step by step to getting your new album onto the radio, the net, and into people's hearts.

So singer, songwriter and band, get ready. Here's how to record your band's album in detail.