Previous: 6. Create a roadmap for the song.

7. Action: Music arranging for drum and bass.

Ingredients: Roadmap, rhythm grooves, chords.

Explanation: This is the simplest part, in a way. Once you've got your groove, you know what to do with drum and bass players. Either they are playing the appropriate groove for the section, playing a drum fill, or taking a break. Put in little variations and fills throughout the song to build interest and change intensity levels. For example, simply changing from a high hat to a ride cymbal creates a clear increase in the energy level. Drums and bass are what drive your song, so use the " foot tap test" to see if they work. If you use a drum machine or program, its a good idea to write down a few styles that are similar to each other and work for the song. Then you can vary from section to section.

Result: The drum and bass parts are good to go.

Next: 8. Arrange the keyboard or piano part.



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