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16. Action: Burn music CD.

Ingredients: A CD burner, CD burning software.

Explanation: This should be clear. After you have burned the CD, listen to the song in a few different players. You may discover some things that need to be fixed. Most likely, they can be corrected by remastering the song. If you mixed properly and tweaked properly, you shouldn't have any imperfections. If there are any, they are most likely small.

Nowadays, CDs are going the way of cassettes. Still, make sure you have a harcopy high quality audio recoding. DVD audio is best, as is (still) CD. MP3 is great for distribution to the consumer, but not for you. It compresses the music and you will lose a lot of the richness. You may consider saving it in WAV and then burning it to a disk (CD or DVD is best, because they are safer) so you will have a high-resolution audio copy.

When you finish, your file will be in WAV format, most likely. You can export to MP3 for YouTube and online digital distribution easily, from most all programs. Try Audacity (Google it and download this great free software).

Have some fun making exciting graphics to put on your CD cover. After all, you worked on this very hard. It's time to party. I hope these home recording tips and guide were helpful to you.

Result: Congratulations! You've completed your goal to record your own song. See you on CD baby.

If you are ready to record a professional album, here's the plan for: How to Record Your CD Album.



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