Music Services to Move You Forward

If your music is ready to go, you really need to make sure it gets heard by the right people right away. As a dedicated do-it-yourself-er, I know the temptation to, well, do it yourself. After all, you are less expensive.

Or are you? What is your time really worth? Do you need to be doing all the legwork in promoting your music?These resources are here to help you. They are reasonably priced, and they offer three different models for music promotion on a professional level. Don't get me wrong, you have to keep pushing at every door, even if you use the services. But they will give you much more exposure. I think they are each a good investment. Here they are, details are below:

  • musicSUBMIT - an online promotion service to get three demo tracks to radio stations, blogs, reviewers and magazines.

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musicSUBMIT - an all in one online music submission service

MusicSubmit is awesome, here's how it works. Let's say you have a fantastic track that you want to get on the radio, to be reviewed, to be heard. Submitting it can be a very labor-intensive chore. You've got to track down hundreds of radio station music directors, blogs, reviewers, and so forth. This service does it all for you.

The submissions are done by genre. It is not simply a one size fits all. They choose the blogs, stations, podcasts, reviewers and so forth based on the style of your music.

Detailed reports about where your music has gone will be e-mailed to you on an ongoing basis. You can check your online account with them for a full report of progress. Nothing is left to chance, you will know exactly where your music is being submitted.

This is a promotion service, not a sales service. It is going to get your demo music to the right ears. Make sure that you have preferably three solid tracks ready to go. You should also have a web site or My Space (or similar) music page. Obviously, the more and better materials you have, the more serious and professional you appear. And you will need an e-mail address, of course! That is where you will receive responses to the music you have submitted.

The pricing reflects the amount of submissions they will make on your behalf. At the time of this writing, they were charging between $35 for 100 submissions, $99 for 400 submissions and $210 for 800 plus 200 bonus submissions. Alternatively, you can have a monthly submissions subscription for around $10, which gets you 25 submissions a month, or 50 submissions a month for $17.50.

They also can professionally write press releases and bios for you and your band to go with the submissions. If you don't have MP3 tracks, you can send them a CD and they will extract the MP3s from it for you.

This looks like a terrific service and timesaver. The investment is very modest, and the benefits are real. I feel that the people that run this site are responsive to the clients, and have created something extremely useful.

Click here to learn more about and sign up with musicSUBMIT.