Get an Audio Recording of Your Music

If you treat your music professionally, others will too. Even if you record at home, make sure the finishing is professional. To succeed, you need a polished, fat-sound recording.

My recommendation: You record your tracks on your own with your best gear, and use a professional online studio to do the mixing and/or the mastering. The result will be professional quality, minus all the hours of paid studio recording time. You need this quality of recording to make it with your music. Send your tracks to one of these studios:

  1. XARC, based in Dresden, gives your music the satisfying "big label sound." Named as one of the best online mastering studios by Computer Music Magazine. They have an online price calculator, which gives a price of around $100 for a four minute song. Click here for a 10% discount for new customers. They do not offer mixing, at least not on their website.
  2. Evo Audio Group, a full service online studio, offers mixing, mastering and other editing services. The pricing depends on the complexity of the project. They aim for a 24-72 hour turnaround rate.
  3. Optimize Studios, a private studio, offers mixing and mastering. His rates depends on the project, although a 24 track mix of a five minute song would be around $350. Mastering is a fixed $50/song. Contact them for turnaround time and any other questions.
  4. Post a gig on Freelancer and find another online studio now

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If you are looking to do it yourself, check out the guides for

Recording at home is more than OK, IF you know how to do it. I would suggest hooking up with a friend who knows their way around audio recording, mixing and mastering, and get them to help you. I recorded a couple of tracks at home, but had a studio engineer come over to do the mixing work, and the result was awesome. And that's the main point. You want people to hear your stuff and say:

"Hey, this is better than fill-in-the-blank-Celebrity!" Better, not "almost as good as" or "sounds like". Aim for better, otherwise you won't stand out. And, honestly, only a few of you will stand out. You will be the ones that don't settle for "sounds like."

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