Write a Press Release to Promote Your Music

How will my story make journalists excited to write about my music?

Releasing an album? Going on tour? Started a new website or just wrote a new and unqiue song? You need a press release. Below is the Do It Yourself option. On the right is a paid resource that will also distribute your release far and near.

Write your angle here:

Find a newspaper article or blog review that is similar to what you want written about you. Feel the style, see how the unique angle really creates the article.

Now on to the headline.

  • Take a piece of paper, and start writing headlines. Don't stop, just let your hand go and pop them out.
  • Use "newsy" headlines, "curiosity" headlines, and humorous ones.
  • Don't edit anything now, the point is to just let go, and make sure your main angle is stated or implied or hinted at.
  • Do this for five minutes.

Now, choose your top three choices. You will make a final decision on the next page:




The PR Opening Summary Paragragh

Write your opening paragragh here:

The Body of Your Press Release

This section begins with the formality of providing the date and location of your article, followed by a dash. Go:

The Body:

Company or personal information

Information paragraph:

Contact information:

When you're satisfied, click here for the next Music Promotion Action!

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