CD Distribution and Manufacturing

CDs still are almost half the market, so it is crucial that you be in that market. A CD is more than just the way people hear the music. It is a status statement. Only a professional, who believes in their music, will go to the trouble and expense to make a professional CD. A double pronged approach of physical CDs and digital distribution covers the entire music market for recordings.

I recommend making a basic amount of CDs, usually 500-1000, for use in three places:

  1. Online dealers
  2. Local music stores
  3. Sales at your gigs

By anecdotal evidence, most CDs are sold at gigs. When you've done a show and gotten people excited about your music, expect to take home a lot of money from the CDs you sell. Don't be caught at the end of a great show with nothing to offer!

Make CDs and Arrange CD Distribution for Your Album

  1. If you need to manufacture CDs, go to Discmakers now and get that taken care of. They will automatically get the CDs to CD Baby, the absolute BEST independent CD distributor.
  2. If you have the CDs already, sign up with CD Baby, send them five CDs to start with, and then get moving on your marketing.
  3. Another VERY powerful place to sell is Amazon. Click here to get started as a seller on Amazon.
  4. Local stores LOVE having a local artist to promote. Check your yellow pages for local music stores, prepare a sales pitch, and bring them some CDs. They will probably sell on consignment. Have a small poster or graphic ready should they ask for one.
  5. For wider physical distribution, you will need to make personal contact. Most distributors won't respond to unsolicited material, so locate the distributor you wish to work with, send them a query and build a relationship. Here are a few to get started with:

When you're satisfied, click here for the next Music Promotion Action!

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