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There are some services that make it easy to contact gig bookers, and there is the traditional DIY way. Even if you have an agent, you must take control of your career and seek out additional paid gigs. Don't wait for the agent to get you hired, since that will only be a fraction of your income.

  1. Sign up with IndieBooker. It connects you with a database of music gig buyers. Follow their instructions. Click here.
  2. Check out this listing service from ReverbNation.. It lists venues for gigs in every area, and connects you with the buyer-booker.
  3. Also consider Sonic Bids and Gigmasters.
  4. Make a list of all music performance venues in your area that hire musicians' gigs on a regular basis. Do this by:
    1. Reading newspaper event listings, online event listings and anywhere else that music similar to yours is being performed.
    2. Make note of the venues that keep coming up in these listings.
    3. Research them online, and go to a show there to get the feel.
    4. Add the name, email and contact phone number of the "Gate Keeper" or head booker.
    5. Repeat for each viable venue. Persevere, because it may be the next one that will oaunch your career.

When you're satisfied, click here for the next Music Promotion Action!

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